V-mesh horse fence ideal for ranch and farm


V-mesh is a early generation product, which has been gradually replaced due to its high cost and mediocre performance.

We recommend that you choose a more cost effective alternative, for example field fence.

V-mesh horse fence also known as diamond fence is used to keep predators out and provide a safe and secure place for horse and other livestock. It features class 1 and class 3 galvanized and uses 12.5 and 14 gauge wire to prevent corrosion that makes the lifetime can be between 15 and 20 years. Close and narrow diamond spacing is designed by cross wire 2 inches and twist wire 4 inches which can prevent horses' hooves and legs getting caught in the fence. This design has no knots to injure the horse and creates a springy texture fence to allows horse brush and bump against the surface harmlessly. Besides the fence can keep the same shape and no coating is removed. It is a strong and durable fencing system.

V-mesh horse fence installed with wood post for horses.

V-mesh horse fence protects horses at ranch

V-mesh horse fence galvanized details

Galvanized v-mesh horse fence details

V-mesh Fence panel Specification:

  • Material: high tensile wire or mid steel wire.
  • Finishing:
    1. Commercial.
    2. Class 1 zinc coating.
    3. Class 3 zinc coating.
  • Size table:
    Model Horizontal wire Vertical wire Mesh spacing Roll length Height Weight
    VMHF-1 12.5 gauge 14 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 42" 214lbs
    VMHF-2 12.5 gauge 14 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 50" 255lbs
    VMHF-3 12.5 gauge 14 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 58" 298lbs
    VMHF-4 12.5 gauge 14 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 72" 366lbs
    VMHF-5 12.5 gauge 14 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 50" 250lbs
    VMHF-6 12.5 gauge 14 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 58" 294lbs
    VMHF-7 14 gauge 16 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 42" 108lbs
    VMHF-8 14 gauge 16 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 50" 130lbs
    VMHF-9 14 gauge 16 gauge 2" × 4" 165' 58" 153lbs

    Other size can be customized by your requirements.


  1. Safest and cheapest fencing.
  2. Strong, durable and flexible.
  3. High quality galvanized wire to resist corrosion, tear and wear.
  4. Close and narrow spacing to prevent climbing.
  5. Springy texture and no knots or loose spearhead to injury the horse.
  6. Quick and easy to install and disconnect.
  7. Low maintenance.
  8. 20 years lifetime without damage.

Accessories: double barbed staples and posts

Galvanized double barbed staples

Double barbed staples

Double barbed staples

The double barbed staples can safely hold wire on the posts based on the line. It can fixed the fence on one corner and make the fence install quickly.

  • Length: 2 inches.
  • OD Width: 5/8 inch.
  • ID Width: 3/8 inch.
  • Finishing: class 3 Galvanized.
  • Gauge: heavy-Duty 8 Gauge Metal.
  • Weight: about 44 staples per pound.
  • Installation: install quickly and effortlessly with the double barbed staple driver, which can be purchased separately.

Posts: works with T-posts or wood posts ( wood posts is not provided, you can purchase local )

T-Post Finishing:

  1. Electric galvanized.
  2. Hot-dip galvanized.
  3. PVC coated.

Size table:

18-hole T-post
Size Length
0.95 LBS/FT 5' 6' 7' 8'
1.08 LBS/FT 5' 6' 7' 8'
1.25 LBS/FT 5' 6' 7' 8'
1.33 LBS/FT 5' 6' 7' 8'
Two green PVC coated t-posts and detail

PVC coated T-post

Green PVC coated t-posts packing in bundle in container

T-posts on container


V-mesh horse fence can be fixed with double barbed staples to the wood posts or connected with the T-posts. when installed there should be about 1/4 inch gap between staples and fence rail for rail movement.

Packing and shipping:

Fence panel: All the fence will be packed in roll with metal wire wrapped in the end and then the carton paper or plastic sheeting wrapped. All putted on the wooden pallet to load. All the product can be shipped seaworthy, We can serve you the ship agent or on your requirements.

Barbed staples: packed in plastic bags.

T-post: packed in bundle with steel plate and carton paper.

Roll shape

Two rolls packed with metal wire wrapped on wood pallet

Two rolls fence packed on wood pallet

V-mesh horse fence installed with round wood post on hill

V-mesh horse fence installed with wood post


V mesh horse fence can be applied at ranch, farm, ideal for feeding and penning horses and other animals. It also can keep small livestock out. Besides it can protect the environment and plants.

A horse encircled in v-mesh horse fence installed with wood post

V-mesh horse fence protects horse

V-mesh horse fence installed with wood post to protect plant in ranch

V-mesh horse fence protects plant

V-mesh horse fence installed with round post to protect environment

V-mesh horse fence protects environment

Three dogs is encircled in v-mesh horse fence

V-mesh horse fence protects dogs

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