Travel corrals for horse makes travel easy

Travel corrals is made of galvanized round pipe. Three horizontal rails and one vertical rails make the fence panel, and it is welded first then galvanized, that makes the fence last decades. It's connected with a 4 inches long rod. The fence panel allows you to build the single or double corrals easily during travel. Round pipe posts dig into ground to make it strong and stable. Easy and quick to setup and move. This corrals makes travel easy and relaxed with horses and makes you get away from crowed. It's ideal for traveling, protecting bushes and hay stack in yards.

Two galvanized panels connected by connected rod

Galvanized panels connected by rod


  • Material: galvanized round tube.
  • Round tube: 1" or 3/4".
  • Tube thickness: 16 gauge.
  • Length: 7 feet.
  • Height: 4 feet.
  • Corrals style: single and double.
  • Corrals size: 13' × 13', 16' × 16', 18' × 18'.


  1. Galvanized round pipe for durability.
  2. Panels are 4' high and 7' long.
  3. A 4' long rod connects the panels.
  4. Every panel can become a gate.
  5. Easy and quick to setup in few minutes.
  6. Portable and lightweight to transport.
  7. Plastic rain cap to avoid rusting inside.


  1. Welded first then galvanized after.
  2. The round post dig into ground to make corrals more stable.
  3. Connected by 4 inches rod makes every panel become a gate.
  4. Build the single and double corrals anywhere.
  5. Make traveling easier with horse.
  6. Ideal for trail riding and far away from the crowd.
  7. Keep horse relaxed.


  1. Make round corrals for horse.
  2. Surround hay stack.
  3. Protect the trees and bushes.
Two horses eating in double corrals outdoor

Travel corrals protects horses

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